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Commitment Ceremonies

At the heart of every relationship is LOVE.

 If perhaps you  want to celebrate your love without being legally married, why not have a Commitment Ceremony.  

This is the perfect way to show that you are happy to be together in a commited relationship.

You can have an exchange of rings and vows, perhaps a Handfasting or Sand Ceremony to celebrate your love.


Vow Renewal

Whether you are having a Special Anniversary, or you just feel like celebrating your love and your time spent together,

a Vow Renewal is a great opportunity to express your love and gratitude to your partner.

It is an opportunity to reflect on your lives together.  It celebrates the love  and times you have shared since your Wedding Day and marks the start of the next phase of your journey together. It is a celebration of your past and your future.

It is a lovely way of showing that despite the fact that you recognise that there can be times of struggle, that you are both completely willing to renew your vows and remain committed to each other. 

You could include a Ceremony Enhancement like Handfasting, or a Sand Ceremony to add a special touch.

Love is always worth celebrating. 


Baby Naming and Child Welcoming

The arrival of a new child is always a reason to celebrate, whether it be the birth of a new baby or a child being welcomed into a family through adoption or fostering.

With more people choosing their own way of celebrating and naming a child there are a number of options you can go for.

You can have a relaxed family gathering in your own home or garden, or perhaps book your favourite restaurant or hotel.

It is always lovely to include family members and friends who will be a part of the child's life and you could ask some special relative or friend to be guardian or god-parent to your child. 

Some people like to plant a tree or shrub to mark the occasion. Others like to let off balloons. You can have poems or readings to suit the occasion. 

I can prepare a Special Welcome to mark the occasion. It need only be short and simple, but whatever you decide, it will be a joyful and happy day. You can contact me on the form below or call me at 0863997899 for more information.